Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The New Conclusion

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Before, I had an excuse which I was busy with studying, where I had a deal with myself to update the blog when I start my 3-months holiday. Holiday started and it’s about to finish and I only updated the blog once. This is a point where I ended up concluding that when a person wants to do something will do it regardless of how busy he/she is and when they don’t, they won’t even if they are free all time. It’s just about finding sometime to start and then according to the law of flow you’ll find yourself going on doing it. The hardest stage in a plane’s journey is always taking off but keeping flying is just easier. :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Never ever buy a keyboard with 5 octaves

An octave in a piano is the eight notes that could be counted from a C to a higher C ( C D E F G A B C). Having a keyboard with 5 octaves gets really frustrating whenever you are playing a piece and living the feeling of it and want to go lower with your left hand or higher with your right hand >>> ( you can’t even play fur elise complete, love story, unfaithful and billions more :$ ). So, if you are thinking of starting to play the piano and you are serious about it then you should take that in your consideration and spend more money and buy yourself a full-size piano with 88 keys rather than the one with 61 keys.

For more tips on buying a keyboard, you may visit this shawn cheek’s link on youtube:


He offers lots of wonderful easy piano lessons that will help you a lot if you are interested.

and let the rhythm take you over :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Be a smart student

Have you ever taken a class with an instructor whose aim in life is to screw his students up?
Well i have. In one of my physics lab sessions and while we were busy doing the experimental calculations, the doctor came and told me ‘where is your paper?’ so I gave him my paper and I was surprised that he wrote a mines five (-5) sign on mine and my mate’s paper. She was like ‘why? He said with his very soft voice that doesn’t suit his size ‘because u didn’t disunite the apparatus?’ we were like ‘OK, we are still working!!!’ then I just decided to act cleverly and here is the -5 sign:

Well i added my own touches and it looked no more as a (-5) sign. The paper then was returned to me without subtracting 5 marks taking in mind this doctor is kind of doctors who never forget and would do whatever to defeat us ( the students)

we all will face antipathetic teachers in our studying journey, so always be a smart student :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

was tagged for the first time

Well it’s been a while since I got my first tag by faith, after the marvelous test today I have the time to answer the tag

1. List down 5 things people probably didn't know about you

Mmmmm well

  1. I used to eat walls paint ( don’t ask me about that).

  2. I like traditional food and Baploo is my fav, generally I’m in love with food whatever was that ;P

  3. I have the genetic property of bending my thumb.

  4. I’m kind of people who are misunderstood by others a loooooot, and I just ended up that it’s me who has a problem because can’t be all of them mistaken :$ LOL

  5. Before I discovered the idea of death, I thought that when people get old enough they return to their mothers’ abdomens. This was the human cycle to me. But then i got stuck in if the mother was back to her mother's abdomen and her kids get back to hers, will they be reborned? Well, thank god i discovered the idea of death finally (I formulated this theory to solve the population density problem if people just kept reproducing just to make sure it doesn't get crowded) this was when I was about 4 years.

  6. I got my driving license from the sixth try or more precisely from the first after five failures. ( anyway I did the manual that's why)

This is all I got and I mentioned one more just in case :)

2. Tag at least three people

I’ll pass this tag to spot and the horizon ( sorry, I don’t have a third person to pass this to)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SQU law students realized their object

In a previous post I blogged about the movement of the SQU law students to change the streaming system they have at college.

Well, after that sit-in in SQU they corresponded with some authorities. And finally, the aim they were working on is reached. The decree of adjusting the streaming system was issued on Sunday and now they have a choice of a comprehensive law program in addition to the old streams.

This was the prize of their willpower, their insistence and determination to get what they fought for. I really see it as something historic, according to what we hear of bureaucracy and while everyone was telling them there’s no use of what you are doing and you are just wasting your time and putting yourselves into troubles bla bla bla. They just proceeded and converted the wishes to something real by putting negativism away and move. This is a story of success, where we learn to take action rather than sitting and criticizing.

Congratulations law students and a special congratulation to SawChen

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Workshop II: most enjoyable class for this semester

One of the courses that I should take in my IE program is workshop II, which is the second part of workshop I, the course taken by all engineering students in SQU.
Workshop II is a one-credit course but 2 actual hours and is taken in the Engineering Workshop. In general, the aim of these two workshop courses is to make students able to read the drawings properly and make them familiar with safety rules and basic workshop tools and machines.

first going to introduce you how does this workshop look like :)

In this workshop II course students are asked to do three projects: the Majmar, tongs and carpenters square.
When working with any project you have to follow the drawing and covert it to something perceptible and you can create your own design to add some artistic touches to your projects that make them distinct from others'.

This is my majmar

In Arabian countries it's used for frankincense (boukhoor ), but of course this can not be used :P
It consists of four parts: the main body, stem, grill and the wooden base. You work on each of them separately and then assemble them.
Well, it's my favorite

i wished if i could show you the process, but unfortunately couldn't picture every step

but i got this shot, which is before drilling the body

And these are the tongs

They're used to pick up the coals from the majmar. Well, this was my worst. I created a terrific design BUT then it turned to be hard to achieve. I drilled it to make the filing part easier but it ruined my whole project so had to change lots of stuff and here they are

The carpenters square

Well it's not a WOW project as the previous ones

I enjoyed workshop II more, because we had more freedom while working without the instructors on our heads (but of course they helped us a lot, especially with fixing the second project, so lots of thanks to them) and it's more machines work, which is more fun unlike filing which was the only outcome of workshop I. the most amazing thing with this workshop course is that it doesn't have any exams or quizzes, nothing related to studying and memorizing yupee :P and when you walk of the workshop, your work is done and nothing more to do XD.

Safety rules are the most two words heard from the instructors. You have to wear safety shoes and the lab coat before working and safety glasses before operating any machine. In spite of this, I just don't know why some students refuse to abide by the rules :$

What can two physics courses do?

Having two physics courses this semester has infected my mind. For some whiles the only images I see whenever I close my eyes were free body diagrams,beams, trusses, cables, gears, machines, in every movement I take i.e. opening the gate, an image of force analysis jumps to my mind analyzing the forces in the system.

I see every thing thrown as a projectile and for anything dropped from high altitudes the terminal speed and the drag force are things I consider. Whenever holding an object I look for the centroid and when driving in any curvature way, I feel the centripetal acceleration. I think physics laws are dominating my thoughts. :$

ADVISE: never ever take two physics courses in the same semester, though for me they helped each other and saved my time and efforts for studying because of almost same topics in both. The only difference was that one of them was theoretical physics and the other was more practical.